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Ardkilly Stables :: Guide to Ownership

The following is a section dedicated to information our visitors about the different aspects regarding horse ownership. The information provide here is based on a booklet produced by Horse Racing Ireland. Horse Racing Ireland can provide independent and impartial advice on all aspects of horse ownership in Ireland. The following are seen as the 6 Simple Steps to owning a race horse in Ireland.

1. Finding and Acquiring a suitable Racehorse

This is often seen as the most daunting step in owning a racehorse and is is selecting the right horse for you. There are often a number of factors which will influence your decision such as budget, location, outside advice, time frame. There are a number of places that can be investigated in finding the right horse including : Bloodstock Agents, Public Auctions, Trainers. Selecting the correct race horse for a given situation often requires expert advice from people who have been in the business for a long time. RJ Tierney racing can offer a number of options to current owners or prospective owners looking to invest in their first horse. We will discuss all aspects of finding and selection the hoarse and the following steps.

2. Selecting a suitable Trainer

The selection of ar trainer can again be dependant on a number of factors including budget, availability and location. The location may be important if you want to visit the horse regularly. RJ Tierney racing offers a solution where by you can monitor horses progress and training regime from the comfort of your own home or office using our state of the art Owners Management System. We will again discuss all aspects of our training service and routines on race day. Our philosophy ensures that we will provide the best possible care and environment for your horse while in our care. We are happy to show you around our yard and allow you to be confident that we will care for your horse to the best of our abilities.

3. Types Of Ownership

There are number options available to prospective owners when deciding about owning a horse. These include:

  1. Single Ownership : individual owner and horse runs in their own name and colours.
  2. Partnership : two to four registered owners can form a partnership and the horse runs in the col9urs of the first named partner. All parties must be registered owners.
  3. Syndicates : may have up to twenty members, one of whom must be a registered owner.
  4. Club : must contain at least two and a maximum of four trustees which are registered owners. There is no limit on the number of members in the club.
  5. Company : can register as an owner subject to approval by HRI. A registered agent must be appointed to carry out all duties on behalf of the company.

4. Naming the Horse

This is often regarded as the most enjoyable aspect of acquiring a horse. There are a number of guidelines however that must be followed when naming a horse.

  1. Names must be no more that 18 characters in length including spaces
  2. Name can not be insulting, obscene, liable to cause confusion or be close to an already registered name.
  3. Persons names or company names / products can only be used with written permission of the relevant party.
  4. NAmes of winners are reserved for certain period of time and cannot be used for new registrations.

RJ Tierney Racing will organise this aspect for you and we will liaise with owners as to availability of names etc.


5. Selecting Your Colours

Design Your Own Colours

This is another enjoyable decision a new race horse owner has to make. Here are a few of the options.

  1. 18 basic colour designs to choose from
  2. 27 jacket designs
  3. 12 sleeve designs
  4. 9 cap designs

Once decided on colours and designees, it is advisable to check wroth the registrations office to see if the combination chosen is available. if so, ten apply for t colours via the colours registration form from HRI. Once written confirmation of the registration is received then the garments sporting the colours can be made up. All relevant forms are available from RJ Tierney Racing.

  Base Colour Pattern Type Pattern Colour



Beige cap with Beige Plain pattern


Beige jacket with Beige Plain pattern, Beige sleeves with Beige Plain pattern

6. Registering as an Owner

Horse Racing Ireland are responsible for all administration ownership registration. All registration must be completed before the horse can run in the new owners name and colours. Four weeks is the expected turn around time fir registrations and this can be longer for clubs and company registrations. Full details on registering can be found on www.hri.ie and all aspects will be discussed at length by RJ Tierney Racing if required.

All relevant forms are available from RJ Tierney Racing.

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